My dad had a stroke 14 yrs ago and had some dementia from it, but when he fell in July and fractured his nose along with 4 other places around his eye, I believe it made his dementia worse. Anyway he goes through the mood swings and drives down the middle of the road or hugs the line when there is other traffic. He just got his license renewed and and I was praying he wouldn't pass the eye test, but two people and three tries and they gave him his license. I'm ready to put a helmet on to drive because the license place is telling me they help a lot of people like that. I don't think he's safe to drive. He really had problems with the side lights. They moved the machine away and showed him where the lights would be and then still coached him when to look for them. I was really upset by the time we left.

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It's a terrible thing to lose the freedom and independence of being able to get into your car and go where you want to when you want to. Does your dad know that his driving has gotten this bad? Does he at least admit that things aren't as good as they once were? If he does, then at least you can get your foot in the door so to speak and ask him if he knows what will happen to his insurance if he's in a fender bender with his physical limitations. Not to mention what the law might have to say. If on the other hand your dad thinks everything is fine and dandy, then I'd be calling his doctor and have he or she re-evaluate your dad's cognitive ability. Someone needs to get this poor guy off the road before he hurts himself or someone else. Tell him you're sorry about him losing the independence, but that your day will come some day too. Bummer.
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