I am trying to get more fluids in my mom. I am thinking of trying Pedialyte, after confirming with her doc that it is ok. Has anyone used it and had negative side effects like dizziness? I have read about that on some my my research. Also, if you have used it with success, share please. Thanks

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Msblcb: I have started consuming a very small quantity of it (think bathroom cup) without problems.
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It's usually fine with me, although people with prior throat injuries might be a little sensitive to the potassium, like getting a hoarse voice later or a little burning in the hollow of the throat. People who've had severe burns or vocal cord issues. Really, though, coconut water and very diluted chia seeds in water are best. I like the coconut water with pulp, as long as the pulp doesn't surprise me and go down the wrong way. I don't like the fake sugars manufacturers put in electrolyte drinks. Sucralose gives headaches, stevia slowly causes peripheral neuropathy over the decades, etc...
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Be careful of using Gatorade or Pedialyte. For elders it might be too harsh, too heavy on the electrolytes. You could try diluting it as a one to one solution, however ensuring your mother gets proper nutrients from her diet is probably better for her. A vitamin supplement might be better, but check with your doctor first. If it's just for hydration, water is best but be careful not to over hydrate as systemic diluting of bodily electrolytes is as bad as an overconcentration of electrolytes. A lot of elders do not like to just drink water so it can be challenging to get them to hydrate. Dehydration doesn't just affect the electrolyte balance but can cause constipation too, an issue for many seniors. Hydration can come from extra fruits, and juices too. Tea and coffee can be diuretic so don't over do these. Try to find what your mother enjoys most and go from there. If hydration continues to be an issue or challenging ask her MD for a nutrition consult.
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Yes, pedialyte can have serious side effects. I believe it is too much sodium in the body.

Convulsions (seizures)
fast heartbeat
high blood pressure
muscle twitching
swelling of feet or lower legs

A good alternative is COCONUT WATER!!! It is full of electrolytes and will help her stay hydrated.
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Msblcb Nov 2, 2022
Thank you!
My mom loves Propel. They have electrolyte type and vitamin type. No sugar. It is the only thing she will drink. It is sweet tasting but not over the top. What is so wonderful is that I can get her to drink 2 bottles a day by having 2 sitting around with straws in them-ready to go. I got rid of her mouth lozenges and she doesn’t even miss them. I get it from Sam’s club full case for 14 dollars. Used to be 10 dollars for 24.
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TakeFoxAway Oct 31, 2022
Thank you so much! I never heard of Propel before. Pedialyte has all kinds of crap in it like Red dye 30 or 40 or whatever it is. Does Propel? I like it that it has no sugar.
Any prediabetes or diabetes conditions? Check with Mom's doctor to recommend which fluids to provide.
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My grand-nephew has been drinked armed power drinks, similar to Gatorade but has less salt and sugar with more potassium and magnesium. It helped solve his cramping problems.
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Sendhelp Oct 26, 2022
Do you mean Armor power drinks?
Thank you for sharing.

Be very careful with Taurine, especially in teens.
Check out kidney disease, and who should not be taking taurine.

Is there another way?
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Looking for a drink with electrolytes, I found this:
(May be of general interest to others).

1. Artificial sweeteners
Vitamin water zero contains artificial sweeteners from genetically modified plants. They have been linked to gastric issues in some cases. Some studies also suggest that these sweeteners may increase your appetite.
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Msb, you said that blood tests showed that mom was low on potassium. Were the rest of her electrolytes okay?

When my mom's sodium (another electrolyte) got out of whack, the result was extreme confusion and stroke-like symptoms. She was in the hospital for a week getting that stabilized.

Who is following your mom medically to make sure that her electrolytes are where they ought to be?
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Msblcb Oct 26, 2022
She is in an ALF and the doctor is reviewing her electrolytes. She has had Covid for a week and has barely eaten anything. Her potassium was low so we have started supplements. I am more concerned about dehydration until we can get her eating again. She is drinking Ensure fruit but does not like plain water. I was looking at the historical forum questions and noticed Pedialyte as an option to keep her hydrated. The doctor reviewed her blood work last week and is drawing blood again this week to monitor her.
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How much is your Mom drinking per day? My 100-year old Aunt will only drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning and then Vitamin Water the rest of the day. She probably drinks 10 oz total of that in a day, with ice cubes, every single day. She has had no ill effects and is technically not diabetic (but she's old enough that tests show her kidney function is winding down).

When I play tennis outside in the heat, I'll drink a 12-oz bottle of Gatorade (just because I prefer the taste). The powdered version is much more economical if you use it a lot. Also, you can dilute either version.
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I would THINK, that dizziness could result from effects on blood sugar levels, but I just base that thought on CRUDE COMMON SENSE.

Have you been encouraging soups and juicy fruits?
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I used it for years without problem. Switched to Gatorade a few years ago. More flavors and less cost.
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