My Mom is 96, and I am considering putting her in Assisted Living Memory Care. Does she need a pneumonia vaccine before she enters? I have no idea if she has ever had one.

She is frail. I have read some elders have a bad reaction to this vaccine and sometimes even result in death.

I would appreciate any responses, pro and con, anyone has on this vaccine.

Thank you.

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Thanks Jeanne for your reply.

I did ask her Doctor. He wasn't sure about side effects in someone her age, so I told him I would ask the AL before we did anything. I did call AL today. They said it wasn't a requirement, so still not sure what to do.

She is very frail, small, and does not weigh much.

When she had Physical Therapy in March, I mentioned to the Supervisor about getting her a P. shot before she went into AL. He has lots of contact with the elderly. He said he wouldn't do it, but stupidly I didn't ask him why.

Thanks again.
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Ask your mom's doctor what he or she recommends for patients 96,

Ask the AL place you are considering whether a vaccination is recommended.

My husband and I have been getting them on the recommended schedule ever since they became available. No reactions. (I am now 66, husband 85.)

BTW, I don't think the vaccine protects against aspriational pneumonia.
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