My post was about how do I go about getting a refund for unused days from the nursing facility my wife was in. She passed on Mother's Day. I added all the details in my first post. I did get ahold of an ombudsman in the local area who I thought would give me some advice. I keep calling this individual but only get anwsers from an anwering machine telling me they're on another mission and to call back. I have called back but keep getting messages to try again later or they're out of the office. It's pretty frustrating. I don't believe they want to help. I probably need to contact a lawyer. I do have several phone numbers from several state services like the Illinois Dept. of Health... I'm really frustrated. Help!

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Check the contract from when she moved in. There may be a clause on what happens to funds when she passes. It is not unusual to have these funds pay for cleaning/painting her room.
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worriedinCali Jan 2019
According to his profile, there’s a no refund policy. He’s wanting them to make an exception to the rule.
I'm so sorry. If the ombudsman can't help you, see if the state government has a Consumer Advocate. That is a very common practice in care homes however, so I doubt you will be able to recover any. Look up the IL attorney general for consumer complaints.
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