Venting. This happened today: Sitting with mom in the living room watching our fave soap opera and my hair felt really dry so I left the room to go put some hair conditioner on it. Combing it through. In less than 2 minutes she is calling me about something. I hurry back and she's walking out of the room. I ask her where she is going and she says to me with an annoyed look, "I thought you were staying in your bedroom and you didn't answer me." I said to her, "You are worse than a man, I can't walk away for even 1 minute. Do I have to always give an explanation where I am and what I'm doing!" 😠 I can't take it!

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I know that you almost certainly already know this, but it is shadowing. She is no longer comfortable without you in her sight. It has to be horribly frustrating.
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Your profile says that your mom has dementia, so this behavior is very common with folks suffering from it. They like to know that the person caring for them is near by. It gives them a sense of security.
Sounds like you are burned out and needing a break. I hope you have help coming in(paid for with moms money of course) so you can get out occasionally and do the fun things that you enjoy. That should help with your impatience.
And of course if moms care is getting to be just too much for you, it may be time to looking into placing her in the appropriate facility.
That way you can get back to just being her daughter and advocate and not her burned out caregiver.

And I don't know what kind of men you're hanging around with that need to know where you are every minute, but unless they too have dementia, that is not normal.
I'm 64 and I've had my share of men in my day and NONE were ever that way. I'm just saying.
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AlvaDeer Apr 12, 2024
So well said this.
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