Mother is in long term care nursing home. If her Medicaid is approved, should she sign over her social security check to the nursing home. Are there drawbacks to this? She is currently paying her Medicare part D and BC/BS premiums with this, her only income.

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How soon after after entering a nursing home do they start to take your social security check?
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What gives the Medical the right to assign my husbands social security check over to the nursing home? Since when does anyone have the right to take a persons social security check without anyone signing for it. My husband is mentally incapable of signing any papers and I have power of attorney. How can this happen?
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What will happen to me after my husband goes into a facility due to his Alzheimer? I won't be able to pay my mortgage, taxes, insurance and all on my own if the nursing home take his check...
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My mother and father are not able to take care of themselves and we cant afford 24 hour home care. We are considering a nursing home for both they have only SS and a savings account of 8000.00 no other assets. My question is can we take the 8000 and buy the cremation for both of them? Next question is does medicare pick up the balance for them if their SS does not cover cost. I have gotten many different answers? Last question who is the best person to contact about all of this, social worker? nursing home? attorney?
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My Dad was diagnosed with Alzhiemers some months ago and now it is getting to the point where my Mother can't care for him. Is it true that if he goes into a Nursing home or a Veterens State Home that all his SS and Veterns check will go to the Facility
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If my mother is accepted by Medicaid in Nursing Home A, and she wants to change locations after a few months of being unhappy there, can he transfer to another Medicaid facility assuming they have room for her? In other words, is Medicaid transportable?
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Do NOT sign over the SS check to the NH, That is not how Medicaid works. Talk to the social worker in charge of reviewing the application and he/she will explain how it works. there are deductions to be made for insurances plus an amount for personal expenses. The social worker will crunch the numbers and then tell you and the NH how much you will be paying each month.
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Pinky - Day 1 of NH admission requires resident on Medicaid or Medicaid Pending to do a copay or SOC (share of cost) of their monthly income. Amount can be prorated if coming in during the month.

Once in a facility and Medicaid involved, realistically they have no more $$$. The only $ ever again from day 1 on is whatever your state has as their personal needs allowance. PNAs vary by state from $ 35 to $115.

If they have debts (mortgage, rent, CCs, life insurance premiums, etc.) either they default or family pays their debts. Some states do allow for a waiver or diversion of monthly income to pay mortgage if property is on market with Realtor listing (so no FSBO nonsense) but waiver has to be applied for. If there’s a community spouse, they need to apply for a diversion of income as well to become thier resource allowance.
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Can a nursing home attach house for not turning over pension for hisband in nursing home. House is in wifes name only. She is keeping part of check each month.
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can a nursing home take the house for not turning over pension. the house is under my son he is keeping one check
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