<p style="transition: all; text-align: left !important;" data-userway-s19-styled="true" data-text-align-feature-value="1">I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN: I took care of my mother until she died at 100 and was burned out. I expected to feel free, but I don't. -

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The woman needs some serious therapy, imo. She sounds so much like SO MANY of our OPs here who felt obligated to care for her 97 yo mother for 3 years in home bc mother had cared for her and yada yada. She was SO happy to gladly do it, but burned out to a crisp and now lost and not knowing what to do w/o her mother around.
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Would love to see these fascinating articles you post to us posted in discussions. 97yearoldmom. I think they would sustain longer life there.
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97yroldmom Nov 27, 2023
AlvaWhats the secret to making a post go to discussions?
Just like the tabs under the post. I only selected burnout and all the others appeared??
When I click on a second tab, the first disappears.
Interesting. Like the author, and thousands of other care-slaves, I crave freedom.

I'm so burned out after 17 years of caring for my mother (96) with the last 6 years in my home, that I can't even fathom not being able - and joyful - to get back to all of the things that I would like to do.

I'm looking forward to going to church again after almost 4 years of not being able to because I don't have a Sunday/weekend sitter.

I totally get being on "caregiver time" - always watching the time so I can get back home to let the sitter go.

And on my goodness.....sleep.....precious, elusive sleep....all night not having to wake up suddenly over and over and having an adrenaline rush. Not having to put my mother onto the potty and then wipe her and get her back into bed and then try to get back to sleep.

To be able to work out without dragging from exhaustion.

And the big one the author talked about - being able to leave home any time I want. I can't wait. It grinds my gears to be dependent on sitters to come so I can leave and train my clients or go to the grocery store. It grinds my gears to have to cancel appointments over and over again because a sitter can't come at the last minute.

To be able to cut my grass or garden without carrying around an alarm or baby monitor and constantly checking it any time I go outside.

I don't think that I will feel lost or unable to get out of bed. I think I'll be fine.
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