<p class="userway-s14-active">So I have posted here lately about DHs 99-year-old grandmother with her broken hip. She is still in the hospital and seems to be doing better after her blood transfusion and getting the correct antibiotic for her ESBL urinary infection. Still not sure what will happen with her after her rehab. Husband’s dad had surgery and came home with an indwelling catheter that my MIL was uneasy looking after. Looks like they got that worked out with the help of sister-in-law. They tried to get me involved and I was able to maintain a distance from that situation. I’m not comfortable.<p class="userway-s14-active">So last night I was having about of insomnia. It was 3 AM, and my college kids and I were all still up and awake. And my phone rings. It was my mother. She had no idea it was 3 AM and not 3 PM. to be fair, she has horrible insomnia, and her sleep schedule has gotten way off. The psych office had changed her back to an old med. She used to take called zaleplon. But it was a new to her provider who was very uncomfortable with her being elderly and a fall risk. So she only prescribed one pill to take when mother used to take two at a time of the zaleplon. but mother on her own decided to go ahead and take two, and now she is out of sleeping pills. So she called me at 3 AM fully in no sleep mode which for her means she’s extra hyper and shrill sounding. And just had no idea that it was the middle of the night. Her house is dark like a cave, but there are cracks in the curtains and I’m just not totally buying that she had no way of knowing it was nighttime. I’m sure she slept most of the day. Just another example of the lunacy of my dealing with my mother. My husband’s family can be busy at times but they really do not stress me out. They are all nice normal people.

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What made her decide to change the dosage on her own?

Does she have a habit of taking her meds haphazardly or is she generally responsible in regard to taking the prescribed amount?

I know that you don’t want her to be calling you in the middle of the night on a regular basis.

Good luck with resolving this issue.
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If her house is “dark like a cave”, she needs a bedside light and a watch or bedside clock. Or a crack in the curtain. I have posted before about our lovely bedside clock that shows the time bedside and also projects it onto the ceiling. Don’t let calls at 3am get to be a habit!
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Oedgar23 Dec 17, 2023
She has a dial clock (not one that shows am/pm) and a light. But only a little outside light comes in. But still, it’s enough to peek through the curtains. I can tell it’s day when I’m there.
Yeah, they take one and forget so they take another and another and maybe a glass of wine and the next thing is they go to rehab at age 79. It’s happened to more than a few parents of friends.
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Fawnby Dec 17, 2023
I had a friend like that. She was widowed, became depressed, took too many pills and wine. She’d fall, break a bone and claim someone pushed her (yet was alone in her house).
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