Answering Daphne here. Gettyupgo gave info I was not aware of and I live in NJ. I could never find what Medicaid paid but I knew they did not pay the daily rate people pay privately. My Mom paid privately for 2 months. She was on Medicaid for 3 months in a 4 bed room. Mom had a house and Medicaid put a lien on it. She owed just short of 6k after her passing and that was satisfied at time of sale.

Daphne, Memory Care is private pay. Most States do not pay for MC. My State of NJ you must pay privately for at least 2 yrs for Medicaid even to consider you. Then, its if the MC excepts Medicaid and if they do, if they have met their quota of Medicaid recipients they allow. There are basic rules with Medicaid but each state is allowed to have their own criteria. You need to find out what that is for ur State. What's the asset cap. Whats the monthly income cap (SS and pension) Most assets have to be used for the persons care. What ones are exempt? (House and a car r exempt) You need to contact ur Social Service office and talk to a Medicaid caseworker to see what your States criteria is.

It really doesn't matter what Medicaid pays. The persons SS and any pension will go towards their care and a small part of their SS, but in your case pension, will go into a Personal Needs Acct (PNA). As said, in NJ it's $50 in other states could be higher. Once you pay your share, Medicaid pays theirs. And what Medicaid pays is what the MC has to except since they have a contract with Medicaid. Remember, MC and ALs are privately owned. Not all except Medicaid and if they do, only a % of their rooms are Medicaid rooms.
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Your 'loved one' is not going to have their memory care bill paid for if they have any assets unless they have taken out a long-term care policy or have taken assets (bank accounts, savings, real estate, vehicles. etc...) out of their name five years before prior to needing memory or nursing home care. Medicaid looks back five years in most states.
If they haven't done this, then their assets (bank accounts, savings, real estate, vehicles, etc...) will have to be sold and the money spent on their memory care bill. The facility will also take their monthly income as well.
When it's all been spent down on their bills (not just the facility ones), then they get approved for Medicaid and they pay.
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Daniel, I am very new to all this also and wanted to add something here. I was overwhelmed at the huge task, because of the huge learning curve—and the consequences of possibly making bad decisions just paralyzed me.

When I finally contacted a lawyer, and then began touring care homes, I was just shocked at how helpful and caring the lawyer’s staff and the social workers were. They went out of their way to give me guidance. This was so very different from my experience with the medical professionals we had been dealing with, I am sorry to say.

I think it is most often very compassionate, naturally helpful people who go into social work. Many reminded me that NO ONE knows how to navigate this journey, and they were there to help.

We have ended up with a very good answer to my family’s messy situation. I am so thrilled—it is all much better than I hoped! I just had to start asking, and I got good guidance.

Our local social workers, from the Mobile Meals people to the nursing home lady were just terrific!
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DanielCleveland: Perhaps your mother, Mary Lou possesses assets to pay for her care. Under no circumstances should you use your own financials for your mother's care since you will need those funds for your own elder years. Maybe an elder law attorney could offer you an hour of time advice - stated as an hour as lawyers are indeed expensive. Good luck.
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My local Area Agency on Aging provided me with a free consultation with an elder law attorney. They also have social workers and a ton of knowledge. I think every county has one. They go by different names.
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Unless you are wealthy indeed I would not make any attempt to do this. I cannot imagine what would happen when you yourself need these services; the time comes faster than you can imagine.

I would like to suggest you pay an hour's rate to visit either an Elder Law Attorney or a Licensed Social Worker in private counseling practice. I think there you could explore ALL the questions you can list, from POA options, to your own case for your Mom, to options for care, and ways to pay for it.

You question makes me think that your Mom may have ZERO assets, whether home or savings. If this is the case you should assist her in applying for medicaid in order to have funds to access Nursing Home or Board and Care.

If you can update us and supply a bit more information we may have some other suggestions. I sure do wish you the best of luck.
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DanielCleveland, welcome to the forum. I read your profile, gosh your Mom is young to be going through this, or is that age mentioned your age?

When it comes to paying for Memory Care, it is usually the person going into Memory Care to budget for the cost.

Sounds like your Mom is unable to budget for the monthly cost. Usually when that is the case, one goes into a Nursing Home where Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] will pay for your Mom's housing/care. Your Mom [or you on her behalf] would need to apply to her State Medicaid office to see if she qualifies. Or you can pay an Elder Care Attorney to help you through the maze.
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Daphne131 Mar 18, 2023
Do you know if there is a limit to how much Medicaid will pay for memory care?
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You don’t give much information…if your loved one has assets, cash, and home sale would go towards paying ..

contact your county office of aged and disabilities

if your loved one is veteran or spouse of veteran, there maybe help there. Contact your county veterans office .. it’s not the VA ..or ask your county office of aged disabilities office where to contact
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Daphne131 Mar 18, 2023
Answer is the same even if she provided confidential monetary info. Answer is - when one runs out of money need to submit application to State’s Medicaid program. They are last resource to pay when out of money or no pensions or no social security disability income or not enough. And not every American gets social security retirement income. That’s a big myth. Many who worked in confidential govt classifications like me were not required to pay into ao will never get social security. So not everyone has SSA retirement.
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