Family member in nursing home and about to receive an inheritance following the death of another family member. I’m DPOA/MPOA. What can these funds be spent on? Funeral arrangements are already paid for, no debts to pay off, nursing home room is already overloaded with new items from a previous spend down need.

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Not sure if you can decline an inheritance when on Medicaid. Normally, though, the money will need to go towards the persons care. Medicaid is stopped, money spent down, and Medicaid resumes.

I too think u need a Elder lawyer to answer this question or talk to the Medicaid caseworker in charge of family members case.
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Frebrowser Sep 7, 2022
I seem to recall that you can’t disclaim an inheritance while on LTC Medicaid, but maybe it varies by state like so many other things do.

Perhaps some could be spent on some kind of experience or consumable items? Is there anything that the family member still enjoys? You might be able to work with the facility’s activity director to make something happen.

Live music? Animal visitors like schools or libraries do for kids? Participatory food demo like churning butter or making ice cream? Prepaid flower, fruit, or treat deliveries? Candy bowl with refills to share?

One if last things my aunt really enjoyed doing before she went to memory care was a helicopter ride. Maybe a visit by a curator from a local museum of interest with a few props to pass around?
Family member's needs are paid for plus a room full of new goodies? You can decline an inheritance, maybe the money from family member's share could be put to better use by the others.
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freqflyer Sep 3, 2022
Slartibartfast, then that may be considered "gifting", causing the person to be removed from Medicaid.
Henhouse2018, is your love one using Medicaid [different from Medicare] which is paying for his/her care in the nursing home?

If yes, I would think the inheritance would be used to pay for the nursing home care. After the inheritance has been used, then Medicaid will kick back in.

Don't forget, Medicaid is taxpayer funded.
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See an elder law attorney about this one. Sometimes such inheritances can be placed in some sort of trust for the person's future needs. But this money is basically an asset once it is claimed by the person. This would mean they would likely need to come off assistance if the funds are in any way substantial, and the pain in the neck of that back and forth would be enough to make me refuse the inheritance and let it go to the next beneficiary in line. You should discuss options with an attorney in your area. Your POA allows payment for this expert advice.
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Henhouse2018 Sep 6, 2022
Thank you so much for the information. Just had no clue where to start. I plan to reach out to an elder care attorney tomorrow.
Oh my, I can’t imagine.. substantial money ?

I was looking at having to spend down with my mom already in memory care.. my county office of aging said an iPad is ok… so maybe a nice laptop ….Could eat a small chunk…?
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