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My Mom had Dementia. Her neurologist told me not to worry about her delusions if they were not bothering her. My Mom saw a little girl. I could hear her talking to her but she seemed to leave the room when I entered. Never upset Mom so I didn't tell her there was no little girl there. So, if the delusions don't bother ur wife, just go along with her.

If they do cause her to be upset or frightened, then there is medication that may help. My Mom suffered from night terrors. I would wake her up, have her open her eyes and go back to sleep. I am a dreamer, and I found that if I woke and didn't open my eyes I sometimes could go back into the dream I was dreaming before I woke up. If I opened my eyes, it dissipated. I was told if she had these terrors more than 2x a week, there was medication to help.

If these delusions suddenly came about, checking for a UTI would be a good thing.
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Take her to Urgent Care or the ER because first you should always make sure she isn't suffering from a UTI. They are extremely common in elderly women due to changes in their physiology, pH and hormones. In the elderly, a UTI often has no other symptoms other than a sudden and rapid change in behavior, including delusions. An untreated UTI can very quickly turn septic, which is life-threatening.

She could also be dehydrated, be under- or over-dosing on her meds if she's lost or gained weight, have a vitamin deficiency, etc. All can create delusions in an elderly person.
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