My dad is is AL MC for the past 2 years, the AL MC changed pharmacies and now the generics looks different, he memorized color and shape of meds and always refers to them as so. Now with different colors he is refusing to take them and AL cannot force him to take them. There is no reasoning with him, I have tried, his PT have tried to no avail. He has epilepsy, severe hallucinations and bad back aside from the cognitive challenges.. I am at my wits end. Have any of you dealt with this situation?

Any input would be extremely appreciated

Thank you in advance

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I think Countrymouse's idea of printing out pictures of the new meds may be easiest and most practical to start with. On paper print the new med with an "=" or words "same as" and then a pic of the old med. "Doctor says ok to take, they are the same." Something to that effect.

Also I would call up his doctor and then go up the line to his insurance company telling them he's not able to be in compliance with what his doctor wants because of his cognitive condition and change in meds appearance. Tell them your Dad *wants* to comply but his dementia is causing problems with him being able to do it.

Another option would be to ask if any of his meds come in a patch form, so that it can be put on his back and you're not relying on his cooperation to swallow it. Very frustrating for you...I hope you have success in working with the facility, pharmacy and insurance provider.
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Okay, let's pick this apart.

Your father is not receiving his medications because whoever is in charge of procurement among the facility's executive decided to switch pharmacy, possibly on quality or service level grounds but more likely financial or insurer-related.

And he's the one who's being unreasonable?

Your father IS reasoning. His information is that he has to take the blue and white capsule, the little yellow one, and the white one the size of a horse pill. For example. And what's he being offered instead? - clearly, some other poor sap's medication.

There are various things you could try.

A: To explain to him that the new medications are the same wolves but in different clothing -
Ask his doctor to explain, preferably using pictures.
Ask a pharmacist to come in with both types of medication to show him physically which are which.
Print out and keep pictures in his room so that whoever is passing him the medication can show him he is receiving the correct ones.

B: To obtain the acceptable medications -
Put pressure on the pharmacy to order in his original px.
Order the medications independently online.

Whatever approach you attempt, start out from the position that your father is in the right, here. He is being a responsible patient, challenging what he believes is an error. It pisses me off that other people have made changes that have nothing whatever to do with his best interests and then he gets called (not by you! I don't mean you!) a silly old fool and deprived of necessary medication because the change is difficult for him to understand and accept. Grrr. I'd be spitting feathers, and not with him.
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SusanHeart Aug 2021
The facility changed management company and changed everything including pharmacy, chef, and we finally got a DON, the previous one quit 3 days after my dad moved in. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Improvement is that now the pharmacy provides “bingo cards” the old on did not. There are benefits from the change except for the change in generics.

your idea for printing the different generics is a great one thank you, doing that right now 😁
Is there any possible way for him to get the meds that he’s used to? If he’s willing to take his old meds, maybe talk to his doctor or the pharmacist on your best course of action?

Or, could you administer them to him without his knowledge? Like in a smoothie? Some meds can’t be administered this way (potassium is one - first hand knowledge - long story), but I think talking to the pharmacist would help rule out meds that can/can’t be ground up.

Good luck!!
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