Long Term Care

  • Financial Planning Tips for Caregivers

    Family caregivers face a great deal of emotional, physical and often financial stress. While your focus may be on managing an aging loved one’s health care and money, it’s crucial to make your personal finances a priority as well.

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  • Assisted Living Checklist: What to Look for in Senior Housing

    To help you find the best choice in assisted living, here is a list of basic questions to ask when you are comparing assisted living communities for your elderly parents. Print a checklist for each assisted living community you visit.

  • Can Medicaid Take a Senior’s House to Pay Their Nursing Home Bill?

    Medicaid isn’t in the business of “taking” seniors’ homes. But when a nursing home resident on Medicaid dies, the state may seek repayment by filing a claim against their estate, which usually includes exempt assets like their primary residence.

  • Does Moving to a Nursing Home Cause Depression?

    For many seniors, moving to a nursing home can lead to depression. Family caregivers can help their loved ones integrate into their new environment by using a few simple strategies to keep their spirits up during the transition to senior housing.

  • How to Choose Respite Care for Dementia Patients

    For caregivers and their loved ones with dementia, respite care is critical. Finding the best type of short-term dementia care depends on a senior’s mental and physical health, the extent of their care team’s support, and their budget.

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  • How to Get Over Feelings That Prevent You From Visiting the Nursing Home

    If you’re struggling with nursing home visits, it’s important to identify what’s holding you back so you can find ways to move past these factors and give your loved one the attention and support they deserve.

  • When a Senior with Dementia Says, ‘I Just Want to Go Home’

    It's heartbreaking to hear a loved one say, “I want to go home,” regardless of whether they’re already in their own house or now living in a senior living facility. How can family caregivers help calm and comfort them without giving them false hope?

  • Dealing with the Guilt and Challenges of Long-Distance Caregiving

    For long-distance caregivers whose parents reside in senior living facilities, frequent in-person visits aren’t always an option. So, how can you manage their care from afar and avoid feeling guilty about not being there more often?

  • Qualifying for Medicaid Long-Term Care

    Medicaid long-term care eligibility requirements can be confusing. Learn how a senior can qualify for Medicaid and what long-term care services are covered.

  • VA Pension Can Help Housebound Veterans Cover Costs of Living and Long-Term Care

    Veterans who are confined to their homes due to age, illness or disability may be able to receive a tax-free monetary benefit from the VA to help them pay for long-term care and support services.

  • Affording Long-Term Care: The 2016 Election’s Forgotten Issue

    Many baby boomer caregivers worry about how they will be able to pay for their own long-term care needs—a concern spurred by observing their elderly loved ones' struggles. However, neither presidential candidate has directly addressed this issue.

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