Senior Mental Health

Advice, information and support for family caregivers who are either providing hands-on care or making long-term care decisions concerning an older adults mental health.

Healthy aging involves more than remaining disease free. Common mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and other mood disorders can have a negative impact on overall well-being for young and old alike. Mental health issues in older adults are not a normal part of aging. Moreso, these conditions are particulary impactful in the older population, because they often interfere with a senior's desire to seek treatment for other age-related issues. Although the CDC reports that over 20 percent of older adults experience mental health issues, the good news is mental health conditions are treatable.

To learn more about senior mental health, browse expert articles for information and resources as well as personal stories written by caregivers who share their own experience coping with mental health problems in the elderly. Find help and support in the caregiver forum from the shared wisdom of other caregivers. Whether you need answers to a specific question or just want to participate in discussions with those who understand, AgingCare can help you throughout the journey of caring for a senior with mental health issues. 

Mental Health Articles

  • Understanding Mental Health Issues in Seniors

    The diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in the elderly is challenging yet critical. Increasing awareness of the unique relationship between aging and psychiatric disorders is the first step toward improving mental health care for older adults.

  • Geriatric Psychiatrists: How Can We Help You?

    What is a geriatric psychiatrist and how can they help caregivers and seniors? Caring for older adults requires a special understanding of their physical, social, and mental health needs.

  • Warning Signs of Depression in the Elderly

    Depression is common in seniors but is not a normal part of aging. If you suspect an elderly loved one may be depressed, look for these symptoms.

  • Anxiety, Hoarding and OCD in the Elderly

    Anxiety can be a normal reaction to stress, but when a senior’s fears, worries and coping mechanisms negatively affect their daily activities, relationships and quality of life, it crosses over into a serious mental health condition.

  • Physical and Mental Health Effects of Family Caregiving

    Providing care for a senior can be very rewarding, but without a balanced care plan and regular respite, family caregivers risk developing serious mental and physical health problems of their own.

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