Flu in the Elderly

Advice, tips and support for caregivers providing care for seniors diagnosed with the flu- An infectious disease caused by the influenza virus.

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  • The Best Time of Year to Get a Flu Shot

    Does the timing of your vaccine play a role in how protected you are throughout the entire flu season? See what the CDC recommends for the best possible protection against the flu and related complications.

  • Chronic Health Conditions and the Flu: A Deadly Combination

    For elderly people, influenza can lead to serious complications like pneumonia, exacerbate existing chronic medical conditions and even cause death. Vaccinations are a senior’s best defense against the flu and related complications.

  • Benefits of the High-Dose Flu Shot for Seniors

    Seniors over age 65 should receive an annual flu shot to safeguard their health. A high-dose vaccine provides increased protection from infection in individuals who have weaker immune systems.

  • 7 Common Flu Myths Debunked

    There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the prevention and treatment of influenza. Get your facts straight and learn how to protect yourself and your aging loved ones from this nasty viral infection.

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