Hearing Loss in the Elderly

Advice and support for family caregivers providing care for a senior diagnosed with hearing loss. Get caregiver tips and strategies for coping with daily care for a hearing impaired loved one.

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  • Getting a Loved One to Wear Their Hearing Aid

    Charlie just got a hearing aid, which he desperately needed, but I can't convince him to wear it.

  • Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

    For seniors who are living with hearing loss, devices like hearing aids can facilitate communication, boost their confidence and desire to socialize, and increase overall quality of life. Unfortunately, hearing aids are often paid for out of pocket.

  • How to Communicate With Hearing Impaired Elderly Loved Ones

    Age-related hearing loss makes it difficult and often frustrating for seniors to communicate effectively with others. Use these tips and techniques to facilitate conversations with an elder who is hard of hearing.

  • Hearing Loss Quiz: 10 Symptoms of Hearing Loss

    The following 11 question quiz will help you determine if you need to have your loved one's hearing evaluated by a medical professional.

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