Medical Care for Seniors

Information and advice from caregivers on the comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of a senior's physical health.

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  • The Emergency Medical File Every Caregiver Should Create

    Family caregivers, especially those with medical power of attorney (POA), should assemble a folder containing these 9 important medical details that can be easily handed off to nurses, doctors and first responders when seniors need emergency health care.

  • ER, Urgent Care or Primary Care: Which Should You Choose?

    When a senior needs medical attention, consider the level of care they require and the immediacy of the need before deciding where to take them for treatment.

  • How to Be a Better Patient

    Use these 7 tips to become an active participant in your medical care and you'll have a better care experience with more successful outcomes.

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  • Cognitive Effects of Anesthesia on the Elderly

    For seniors in need of major surgery, such as a joint replacement or cardiac procedure, it is important to understand that the side effects of anesthesia in elderly patients can be significant over both the short and long term.

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