Medications and Older Adults

Information, resources and tips for understanding and assisting a senior with the prescription and over the counter drugs used to treat illness or maintain health.

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  • Medication Management Top Tips: Persuading a Senior to Take Their Meds

    Family caregivers are often tasked with managing a senior’s medications. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ tips and advice for convincing elders to adhere to their prescribed medication regimens.

  • Consult the Pharmacist to Simplify Medication Management

    Many older adults take several prescription drugs each day, resulting in complicated medication regimens. Learn how pharmacists can make medication management easier for seniors and their caregivers.

  • Medications That Increase Fall Risk in Older Adults

    Fall prevention efforts tend to focus on minimizing environmental hazards and improving mobility, but another important contributing factor is often overlooked: prescription and over-the-counter medications.

  • 5 Healthy Foods That Interact With Medications

    Eating a nutritious diet and taking medications as prescribed by a doctor may seem like a recipe for good health, but even wholesome ingredients like leafy greens and fruit can cause food-drug interactions. Keep an eye out for these unsafe combinations.

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