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Information, resources and support for dealing with elderly sleep issues. Get expert advice and caregiver tips for coping with changes in an aging parent or loved one's patterns of sleep.

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  • Alzheimer’s and Sleep Disorders: Expert Answers to 6 Common Questions

    Sleep issues are a symptom of many types of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. Learn how dementia affects the sleep cycle and find techniques to improve sleep.

  • Why Does My Elderly Loved One Sleep All Day?

    Many seniors doze off throughout the day to compensate for poor sleep at night. However, if your aging loved one spends most of their time sleeping instead of engaging in life, it could indicate a more serious underlying problem.

  • 6 Reasons Caregivers Need More Sleep

    Finding time to sleep is one of the hardest things for a caregiver to do, but these six reasons demonstrate why caregiver respite should be a priority in any elder care plan.

  • The Connection Between Aging, Insomnia and Memory Loss

    Insomnia is a bothersome condition often associated with fragmented sleep and fatigue. But when chronic sleep deprivation is left unchecked, it can take a serious toll on a senior’s physical and mental health.

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