Alcohol Abuse in the Elderly

  • Dementia, Caregiving and Alcohol Abuse

    My husband's dementia confused brain has allowed for some new strategies in tackling the alcohol use in our household. It is a daily struggle.

  • Alcohol and the Elderly

    Caring for my husband with dementia is complicated by his drinking. Charlie drinks wine to drown his sorrows, making his dementia worse and causing him to fall. But things have changed for the better since I decided to put my foot down.

  • Helping vs. Enabling: How to Strike a Balance While Caregiving

    Family members are often forced to decide between giving in to what a senior wants (or demands) and doing what is best for them. A veteran caregiver offers her tips for recognizing the difference between helping and enabling a loved one.

  • The Hazards of Alcoholism in the Elderly

    Age-related changes in the body, chronic health conditions, prescription medications and other factors can magnify the effects of alcohol consumption and jeopardize a senior’s health.

  • Dementia and the One Drink Rule

    Alcohol can affect the elderly in different, more profound ways than it effects younger people. Unfortunately, Charlie enjoys wine a little bit too much.

  • Reversible Conditions That Can Be Mistaken for Dementia

    Depression, nutritional deficiencies, and side effects from medications are among many reversible conditions that could be mistaken for dementia.

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  • 10 Secrets Elderly Parents Keep from Their Families

    Older adults often conceal or downplay things like falls, money troubles, elder abuse and car accidents so they can continue living independently. Most family members only learn of these longstanding issues once they're too severe to hide.

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