Medicaid Lookback

A set timeframe over which the federal government will "look back" to examine spending patterns in determining an applicant's Medicaid eligibility. Any financial transaction during this time period that is perceived as motivated by an attempt to qualify for Medicaid is subject to penalty resulting in ineligibility. The look back period is 5 years prior to the Medicaid application date, with the exception of applicants living in California who are subject to a 2.5 yrs look back period.

Medicaid Lookback Articles

  • Understanding the Medicaid Look-Back Period and Penalty Period

    Seniors with limited income and assets must often use a spend-down strategy to qualify for Medicaid, but gifting can trigger a penalty period of ineligibility. Learn about Medicaid asset transfer rules to avoid problems with paying for long-term care.

  • Hiding Money from Medicaid: Don't Do It

    Hiding assets by not reporting them to Medicaid is illegal and considered fraud against the state. However, there are a number of legal techniques for protecting your parent's assets so that they pass to you.

  • “Spending Down” for Medicaid: One Caregiver’s Personal Journey

    Navigating Medicaid’s financial eligibility requirements is complicated, and the spend down process is one of the trickiest parts. Learn from this caregiver’s experiences before devising your own Medicaid planning strategy.

  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Living Trust

    A living trust is a popular financial tool that can be used for Medicaid planning, estate planning and tax planning purposes. However, a trust may not be the best the best approach, depending on a person’s long-term goals and unique financial situation.

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