Seniors who Refuse Care

Objection to or refusal to accept necessary medical, social, or other care services.

Refusing Care Articles

  • What To Do When Elderly Parents Refuse Assisted Living

    What's a caregiver to do when their elderly parent refuses assisted living or nursing home care but isn’t safe at home? In some cases, guardianship may be an option.

  • Why Seniors Refuse Help

    Aging parents are often resistant to receiving assistance from their grown children—even (and sometimes especially) when they desperately need it. Researchers shed light on why convincing an older adult to accept help can be so tricky.

  • Senior Living Tours: What to Do When an Elder Refuses to Get out of the Car

    Often caregivers manage to convince their aging loved ones to tour a long-term care facility, only to find that upon arrival they won't budge from the car. Use these tips to empathize with your parent and encourage them to give senior housing a chance.

  • A Geriatrician’s Take on Elders Who Refuse to Go to the Doctor

    Fear, denial, thriftiness, distrust, and embarrassment are common reasons why seniors avoid doctor’s appointments. Fortunately, there are strategies caregivers can use to ensure aging loved ones receive the medical care they need.

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