Medicaid Asset Limits

As a general rule to qualify for long-term care Medicaid, single applicants must have $2,000 or less in countable assets. Asset limits for married couples vary by state, Medicaid program, and whether one or both spouses are applying for Medicaid.

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  • How to Set Up a Miller Trust for Medicaid Eligibility

    A senior’s income and assets must fall below certain limits to qualify for long-term care Medicaid. “Income cap” states allow applicants to use a Miller Trust to help them meet income eligibility guidelines.

  • 4 Key Things to Know about Trusts and Medicaid Planning

    There are many types of trusts that can help protect your assets from Medicaid. Here's a brief overview of the things you need to know when setting up a trust for Medicaid planning purposes.

  • How Joint Bank Accounts Affect Medicaid Eligibility

    Be aware of the pitfalls of joint accounts when planning and preparing for the Medicaid application, as mistakes in the way an asset is titled and managed can have a profound impact on Medicaid eligibility.

  • Understanding the Medicaid Look-Back Period and Penalty Period

    Seniors with limited income and assets must often use a spend-down strategy to qualify for Medicaid, but gifting can trigger a penalty period of ineligibility. Learn about Medicaid asset transfer rules to avoid problems with paying for long-term care.

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