Vaccines in the Elderly

A biological preparation that stimulates the body's production of antibodies and provides immunity against a specific disease.

Vaccines Articles

  • Adult Vaccination: Protect Yourself, Seniors and Their Caregivers

    Many adults assume that their inoculation days are long over, but keeping up with recommended vaccine schedules throughout our lives is just as important as the initial doses we received as children.

  • The Best Time of Year to Get a Flu Shot

    Does the timing of your vaccine play a role in how protected you are throughout the entire flu season? See what the CDC recommends for the best possible protection against the flu and related complications.

  • Recommended Vaccines for Seniors

    Decreasing an aging loved one’s risk of contracting preventable yet potentially deadly diseases, such as Covid-19, flu or pneumonia, is as simple as getting a shot (or two). These are the CDC guidelines for senior vaccinations.

  • Benefits of the High-Dose Flu Shot for Seniors

    Seniors over age 65 should receive an annual flu shot to safeguard their health. A high-dose vaccine provides increased protection from infection in individuals who have weaker immune systems.

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