Coronavirus and Seniors

COVID-19, is a novel coronavirus (2019) causing respiratory symptoms with serious implications for senior health. Older adults, and those with underlying conditions like lung disease, diabetes and obesity are at increased risk for developing more serious, and sometimes fatal complications from COVID-19. Studies by age group found that nearly 80% of deaths due to the novel coronavirus are people age 65 and older.

The global pandemic resulted in US states enacting emergency orders to close businesses and implement far-reaching social distancing measures in order to slow the spread of the disease. Efforts to protect older adults created physical, social and emotional challenges for seniors and their caregivers.

AgingCare has resources to help family caregivers who are caring for a senior during the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Browse our articles and the Caregiver Forum to find information, advice and support for family caregivers responding to this public health threat.

Coronavirus Articles

  • Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: What Seniors and Caregivers Need to Know

    Millions of Americans are set to receive economic impact payments from the government. Learn about eligibility requirements, amounts and how to submit updated information to ensure older Americans get their coronavirus stimulus checks.

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  • Lockdown Activities for an Elderly Loved One

    With self-isolating as the new normal, your aging parent may be missing their usual social interactions and activities. We’ve compiled a list of online resources to help keep the mind and body busy during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Hand-Washing Best Practices for Seniors and Family Caregivers

    Frequent hand-washing prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria and is a fundamental part of infection control. Learn the best hand-washing techniques and discover which products for good hand hygiene can help keep you and your family healthy.

  • Protecting a Senior Against Coronavirus

    Coronavirus is especially worrisome for those who are living with elderly loved ones. Family caregivers should take the following precautions to protect seniors from COVID-19.

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