Diet & Nutrition for Seniors

Nutrition information for older adults, as well as tips and advice for caregivers who are helping a senior maintain a proper diet while dealing with chronic illnesses that affect eating and appetite.

Diet & Nutrition Articles

  • Are You Eating Your ABCs?

    Specific vitamins can have a significant positive (or negative) impact on your health. Learn what each one does, how to spot a deficiency, and what foods you should add to your diet to make sure you're meeting your nutritional requirements.

  • Hydration Tips for Seniors

    For many caregivers, preventing dehydration in elderly loved ones is a daily struggle. Learn how to help seniors get the fluids they need, even if they won’t drink water.

  • How to Make Healthy Meals When You Have No Time to Cook

    Cooking well-balanced meals is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re juggling work, family and caregiving, but the truth is that good nutrition is closely tied to good health. Use these tips and shortcuts to improve your dietary habits.

  • 5 High-Calorie Foods Your Elder Will Enjoy

    Working around age-related changes in appetite and food preferences can be tricky for family caregivers. Try these tasty tips to help your loved one maintain a healthy weight and get the vital nutrients they need.

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