Marriage & Caregiving

  • Sex in the Time of Caregiving

    When combined, the stresses of caregiving and changes brought on by menopause can take a serious toll on a woman’s sex life. A women’s health expert shares how female caregivers can improve their sexual health and quality of life.

  • My Wife’s Alzheimer's Transformed Our 40-Year Marriage

    When my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, we thought our life, as we knew it, was over. But we've encountered some unexpected blessings along the way.

  • Caregiving's Toll on Marriage: A Personal Story

    Taking care of a husband with cancer while raising three kids younger than ten was a future I never expected when we first said "I do."

  • The Best Ways to Support a Caregiving Spouse

    When a spouse becomes a family caregiver for an aging or ill loved one, it can affect the marital relationship. As you brave this adjustment together, use these tips to show your husband or wife what you’re made of and how much your marriage means to you.

  • Assisted Living for Couples: Can Couples Live Together in Senior Living Communities?

    Moving to a senior living community is always a significant life change. When couples can remain together, the transition may become a little easier.

  • 11 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy While Caregiving

    The strain of caring for an aging parent (or in-law) takes a serious toll on a family caregiver’s relationship with their spouse. Use these tips to keep your marriage strong and prevent caregiver burnout from overwhelming both of you.

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  • My Husband Has Dementia: Another Day With Charlie

    My husband has dementia. I have mixed feelings every time I hear his cane hit the floor in the morning. I dread the day that I can no longer cope and he has to go into long-term care.

  • Dementia Poses Unique Intimacy Challenges for Spousal Caregivers

    Caring for a spouse with dementia forever changes the nature of your relationship. How do you cope when your husband’s personality has changed dramatically or your wife doesn’t remember you or the years you’ve enjoyed together?

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  • Medicaid Divorce: Is it a Viable Planning Option?

    Medicaid forces a couple to divest themselves of the assets that they had planned to use for their retirement or to pass on to their family. When it comes to Medicaid planning, in some cases a couple may be better off financially if they're divorced.

  • How Does a Domestic Partnership Affect Medicaid Eligibility?

    There are countless facets involved in determining if a person if eligible for Medicaid, but relationship status does have an impact. If you think you or your loved one may eventually need Medicaid, be sure to take your marital status into consideration.

  • Will I Forget You? Dementia and Marriage

    You hear couples tell one another this all the time. We will grow old together and will always be there for each other. But what happens when one partner gets dementia?

  • When Wives Fall Ill, Divorce May Follow

    When a wife comes down with a serious illness (such as cancer or heart disease) even longtime couples are more likely to divorce, a new study reveals.

  • Timeless (and Hilarious) Dating Advice from Older Adults

    Still searching for that special someone? This heartwarming video of dating advice from older adults just might help you make the love connection you've been longing for.

  • The Miracle of ‘Finding’ Lost Memories

    My wife and I have been together almost forty-five years, and so often I forget the beauty between us. Every once in a while, though, it will suddenly break through, in spite of Alzheimer's.

  • Love & Jealousy; Community & Isolation

    I've been reflecting on how Alzheimer's might affect my future--especially my relationship with my wife and loved ones.

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  • 5 Love Stories That Could Make Cupid Cry

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these real-life love stories from AgingCare members. Which one tugs at your heartstrings?

  • Wedding Bells: Elderly Marriages Can Have Financial Ramifications

    The likelihood that a spouse will need nursing home care increases in later years. In some cases, the healthy spouse is legally responsible for paying nursing home costs with their own assets, regardless of how long they've been married.

  • If I divorce my husband, will he be eligible for Medicaid?

    Sometimes couples are willing to take the big step of obtaining a divorce in order to protect their assets, so that the ill spouse can qualify for Medicaid without impoverishing the well spouse.

  • Can couples “share” long-term care insurance?

    Some long term care insurers offer policies where two people share one pool of benefits, known as "shared care" policies.

  • Veterans’ Surviving Spouses May Be Entitled to VA Pension

    Many spouses incorrectly assume that there is no longer VA assistance available after their veteran spouse passes away. Fortunately, a benefit called the survivors pension provides additional income to surviving spouses and their children.

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