Toileting Issues in the Elderly

To assist or supervise someone in using the toilet.

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  • Bidet Attachments Improve Senior Hygiene and Bathroom Safety

    Bidet attachments can be installed on existing toilets without the need for extensive bathroom remodeling. These affordable devices help seniors maintain good personal hygiene, their modesty and their independence.

  • Elderly Incontinence Treatment Options

    Under a doctor's care, incontinence can be treated and often cured. Today there are more treatments for urinary incontinence than ever before.

  • The 4 Most Challenging Caregiver Situations

    Caring for aging family members throws many challenges our way. Explore strategies for helping an aging loved one with toileting, bathing, dining out, and navigating public outings as they become part of your regular care routine.

  • Caring for a Loved One With Fecal Incontinence

    Millions of adults have bowel control problems, but most are reluctant to talk about this condition and seek help. Get the information you need to start the discussion, explore treatment options and help your loved one improve their quality of life.

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