My husband, the last of his days, I had to bathe him twice a week. The nursing home and doctors' bills haven' t been paid, too high and we did not have insurance because of what the Democrats did when they took office in 2008. They took our health care away from us and our life insurance because they thought we rich. Ha! Ha! Not. But, it's hard taking care of anyone that is bed ridden. That's why they need to figure out or universal healthcare and the basics. Basics for all, even them. Because, what they are doing now is elder abuse.

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The US politicians are mostly only interested in enriching themselves and getting re-elected and they are highly competent at it. They could have solved the border issue many election cycles ago and chose to ignore it, and keep ignoring it. As well as many other issues. They are only interested in "optics" and soundbites. I'm talking about both parties. This is why we should never give the government more power by enlarging it. As a whole it is incredibly cynical, lazy and happy to waste other people's money year and year out because there are no consequences for doing so. It is mostly Kabuki theater, not governance.

"The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen."
- Denise Prager

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