We finally found the lender that has the lien on their home. If anyone is dealing with how to find that info, the County Clerk office will have that info.

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Hi Igloo! I'm so sorry I've been away. There's so many things going on that I haven't been able to get back. I couldn't even figure out how to reply to your messages you sent...yes...I'm technology challenged. ; )

It's pretty obvious at this point that neither of them are going to be able to go back home. Certainly not Mom alone, because she's not come back to her right mind and is still delusional. For over a month, she's thought they were either stuck at an airport, using their "extra night" (at a casino), and this morning she still thought they were at a fancy hotel in a totally different city. My husband said she has digressed. But we're thankful they are safe, in a nice facility, are having great care, their food is good. She is, and always has been, a very optimistic person, so that helps immensely. My husband has been staying in touch daily with the staff and they seem to love them...and of course, we ask how they are being treated on a daily basis as well. We look forward to things getting better with this COVID 19 and hope things can open soon so we can go visit them. As far as the RM goes, the house doesn't have much worth at this point. Certainly not enough to keep up the headaches of paying taxes and homeowners insurance. Everything was up to date. The option of her being a CS is out.

On a good note, they have Pop on an additional med that has been lining out his BP, so hopefully they'll be able to do more physical therapy with him without it crashing and he'll be able to walk again.

I really appreciate all the time and effort you have given. BTW, we live in N AR, not far from Branson. Hope things are better on the home-front after the tree incident!

How does the RM read for the situation IF 1/2 of the couple needs to go into a LTC facility but the other 1/2 remains at the home?

RMs have pretty precise compliance that if not done can allow the RM holder to call in the loan. Like if property taxes or insurance are not paid (and not folded into the mortgage fees) so the homeowner is totally responsible for paying these & if not RM can call in the loan.

You need to read the RM or speak with the lender to clearly find out if Mil can stay in the home on her own if FIL is living in NH. Most have this but it’s not automatic.

Personally I wound not tell rm that FIL is in NH. I’d say instead that family is mulling over whether to do inhome caregiving and looking at options. That’s kind accurate right?.....

Are they current on taxes & insurance?

Great news and a good tip!

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