I need help don't know where else to ask. I live in CA and my mom with my sister in UT. She fractured her hip and is in the hospital. The care there has been subpar and at first they offered to have her discharged to home care or a skilled nursing facility.
We want her home so she can have a better quality of life, diet, be with us etc. Both my sister and I can take care of here around the clock plus she will have home care services. Now, they are not wanting to discharge her home against our wishes.
What can we do to have her home?

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Usually from acute care, the pathway is in-patient rehab or home with visiting rehab support. Is this happening?

If not, why not?

(Does depend age, cognition, general health or frailty, other serious illness etc)

Are there other issues preventing Mom from making a good go at recovery?

The usual discharge is Home, or Home with Services. If this will be grossly inadequate (now & forseen needs ie a progressive condition), transfer into Supported Accom will be suggested.

The hospital will want to avoid a 'bounce' from your care/sister's care straight back into hospital I guess?

Sometimes it is suggested family memeers do a Carer Trial, where they provide the care over 24 hours in the hospital to experience the level of care required.
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If your mother is legally competent, she can discharge herself. Just go and pick her up.
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They can not hold her against her will, especially, if you and sister are there to provide 24/7 care.
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