Memory Care is in the same category as Assisted Living. Like Preschool age and Middle School at the same level. Shame on the State of Texas. Facilities corporate owned and managed are in for the money. It's a sad situation and we need help.

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Many Corporate owned Assisted Living/Memory Care places are in it for the money, it seems to me, you are right. I have my mother in a privately owned community which makes a HUGE difference! When dad was alive, they were in a corporate owned place and it was horrendous. Never in 10 months did I get ONE correct bill, the food was inedible, the medications were all fouled up, and the only thing the ED was interested in was billing me MORE more and MORE every month. Best decision I ever made was to look into a privately owned place which is fantastic, and much less expensive!! Mom's been there for over 5 years now and aside from a few hiccups now & then, all is well.
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Tx, although I'm not in DFW I'm wondering if your area has any facilities run by religious organizations? My MIL has been in 2, one run by the Moravian Church, the other Presbyterian Homes (and no you don't need to be part of that faith). She gets awesome care at a reasonable price because they view it as a mission rather than a business. I've visited someone in a Catholic run NH which was also extremely impressive. I'm so sorry about your disappointment and frustration...hope you can locate a worthy place!
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