I have done extensive research on this subject, and I am having some success with 5 mg dose at bedtime and 2.5 mg at 3:30 in the afternoon. Sundowning has stopped after 4 days dosing and has not occurred for 13 consecutive days. Too soon to tell if this is actually having an effect. Charting mood, anxiety demonstrations and very little confusion to this point. Memory is not improved, however but that was not expected. Please let me know if anyone has had any experience with this therapy.

Yes, with mom's doctor giving permission, she did experience some relief from sundowning symptoms.
Its worth a try.
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Thanks for the info...I'm gonna give it a try...
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Going to try this this week for my mom. It's like a switch gets flipped at 4pm. When she asks (and she asks every time) a variation of "Do you live here" or "whose house is this" I know its time to hand her the ipad :D

Hospice nurse will be here tomorrow and ill confirm its ok before starting.
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Bertaskins Nov 7, 2022
Yes and please let us know...
Gabby101: Some internet sites claim success when providing melatonin for sundowning and agree with your consensus. As with any OTC medication, you should consult your specialist.
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My husband was taking 3mg on the advice of his neurologist and it did keep him calm and he didn't exhibit "sundowner syndrome" even when he wasn't taking it every day.
It helped him go to sleep but it didn't keep him asleep and he would wake up after just a couple of hours but he would be calm.
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Other tactics for sundowning:

- make sure lighting and lamps have high-wattage bulbs (daylight spectrum works great). Begin to turn on the lights in the areas LO usually is in starting before the sun starts to set and leave them on until closer to bedtime.

- before the time your LO begins to sundown, engage them in a distracting activity: either a walk, drive, game, puzzle, having them read aloud to you, or folding a large stack of kitchen towels or sorting something, like nuts and bolts (and having LO screw them together if they can), sorting and pairing colorful socks, etc.
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All I can say is...
If it works great.
Be prepared for the time it does not work. Be ready to adjust dose or try something else.
Do let his doctor know that you are giving him the melatonin and the dose.
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