My mom moved to a new MC facility. I was told at this new facility that the staff has extensive training in how to deal with dementia behaviors. They would be able to make sure she takes two showers, wash her clothes once a week, and sheets and towels once a week. The first few weeks were golden! Then staff turnover happened. They can't keep anybody because in Illinois, they are only paying the care staff 12.50/HR! I would gladly pay more for them to get a raise. Two of them I know are now working at Chick-fil-a for 14.50/HR. If they work full time, they'll make more money there. Isn't that sad? Fast food workers get paid more.

So, because of the staff turn around...they can't get my mom to take the showers needed to keep UTI's at bay, they are not keeping up with laundry, and I see a real decline in activities they once had the first few weeks. I brought up the issue with the shower, and they immediately they said they couldn't get her to take her medication she was some hellion. I then explained that she does respond to those who approach her the way that some experts teach, and I just simply wanted them to put their heads together to see what they could come up with to help. If there was one person she responded to more, then she could take showers when they worked. I'm so frustrated!

Side note, my mom is only combative when she has a UTI, otherwise she'll say she already took a bath, she already put on clean clothes, it's too cold, don't want to get hair wet...

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A facility here initially told a family that their dementia patient herself poured a glass of what she thought was juice but was industrial cleaning solution. But this lady was a full feeding assist, plus this happened to two other people.

The facility has since admitted it couldn’t have happened that way because there was no plausible deniability by blaming the resident.
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As an employer who (up until very recently) had employees, I can confirm that that hourly rate is way too low (and who knows if they even get any decent benefits). There is a labor shortage right now. Last winter the MN Natl Guardsmen were called in to help serve lunches at facilities. Even if the facility raised the rate, the shortage is so severe that the slightest dislike will cause workers to leave.

Also just a comment about UTIs: they are extremely common in the elderly, and women in particular. Hygiene is not the only reason they occur. Women's aging bodies have changes in hormones, in body pH and structure so that bladders don't fully void. I started my 88-yr old MIL on Mannose-D, a simple sugar supplement that has some clinical proof that is helps reduce the amount of UTIs -- and I have found this to be true for my MIL. She has at least 50% fewer UTIs now. She was getting one infection a month and now she hardly gets them at all. The staff gives the pills to her and I order them on Amazon. Your LO needs to be infection-free when you start her on it. I wish you success in getting the care she deserves. If not, you should consider moving her.
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The requirement in Illinois is 2 showers per week. If a resident is not getting the minimum requirement then you can call the ombudsman.
This should be brought up with the Director.
There has always been a "problem" with pay in several fields. Caregivers is one. Working privately you can get paid more, better conditions and easier work. and facilities are having a difficult if not impossible time getting CNA's and there is a good possibility the staff at the facility is not a CNA and has little training. And if they get "yelled" at by management or disciplined they quit and go on to the next place.
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You just wrote us a great blog on the state of helping care for our elders in in-facility care. It is not a pretty picture. My heart goes out to you and I wish to heaven I had better answers for you, and for the state of things.
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